Export from rhino to solidworks

Hi, I have a very huge work to export from rhino to solidworks. I have made a lot of test, and looking for a lot of information on this forum / youtube / google, but after hours of work I haven’t been able to produce the exact result I want.

here is what I want to do :

  • export each polysurface in a different part file (10 polysurface = 10 parts)
  • export each surface in a different part file ( 10 surface = 10 parts)
  • export each line or polyline in a different part file (8 lines + 2 polylines = 10 parts)
  • automatically create and name an assembly using rhino file name
  • have a list of attributs which follow this export
  • recognize block occurencies and concider it as only one part to many time in the assembly

Originaly, I don’t mind the format to use, but I have done many test with IGES and find it quite unusable because of its different reaction if I export only surfaces or a mix of surface + lines…

the best result I get was with DXF :

  • I create a block for each object weither if it’s a curve/surface polysurface…
  • I name this block
  • I gave attributs to this block

with a little bit of set-up I have been able to export each object on a part, and create curves from curves… :

but I have 2 problems :
1/ curves won’t appears as sketches, they always appears as “imported curve” I would really appreciate to directly have them as sketch

2/ as any of us can suppose, attributes of rhino won’t miracly convert into solidworks properties…

I will really appreciate any good configuration, even if it’s in a different format, even if it’s no using blocks, my principal purpose is to be able to match rhino attribute and solidworks properties

I should probaly add my set-up :

and also say that whatever if i’am changing this :

from sketch to curve, it don’t change anything…

Hello- have you tried exporting to Step format?


step works great !
thank you

Do you have any idea of how to convert attribute to solidworks properties ?

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