Solid surface but transparent


I have a little issue for my solids. After I Boolean my letters into my solids, the ‘‘M’’ letters get transparent although the shape is capped and water tight. I’m not quite sure if I’m missing something or it’s just an error to ignore.

Please assist me to know the problem. Thanks

I’d try adjusting your render mesh 1st , then checking for bad objects-

tools>options>mesh>smoother and slower

selbad, extractbadsrf

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I think you’ll find that that is a “bad polysurface” using the SelBadObjects command.

The issue is the font face you used has little micro-loops causing problems with the render mesh.

The best option when using fonts for Rhino’s “off label” use, is to:

  1. Create curves
  2. use the CurveBoolean command and pick inside the area defined by the character outline. This will remove the micro-loops.
  3. Then continue on with your modeling process.
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Hi Kyle these two commands are definitely going to be super useful. I’ll try them. Appreciate your fast reply.

Hello John, many thanks for your reply, I guess fonts and the micro-loops in them are causing the problem somehow, so what I did was changing the font. But since I like my original fonts, I’ll try applying your way of fixing it, too.
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you can use fonts, but I’d recommend start by placing them as curves, then exploding and inspecting the curves. Rebuild curves as necessary and then join and extrude.

Fonts are notorious for causing bad objects as they were never intended to be used as clean 3d modeling objects. Typically speaking, you can clean them up in a few min and be good to go- Look for stacked vertices in the corners and curves with tons and tons of points…

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I guess I’ve seen doing this in one of your videos. Probably it was for the the table lamp. If my guess is right then this would be the right solution. Hope someday the awesome Rhino team is going to make these alphabets friendlier. :sunglasses:

that would be cool, but we don’t control the fonts…they are pulled from whatever is installed in your fonts library- If they are messy, they just get shoveled into rhino with no oversight.

thus the rebuild step…

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I’m a newbie and have been using this for almost 60days and it gets me what I’ve always wanted to learn. So far I’ve learned to deal with the fonts from this conversation. Appreciate it!

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