Rhino Display Issue


I am having a surface of a closed solid polysurface become visible in the perspective viewport as I pan around the object. How do I fix this?

Hi welcome,

Is it in ghost mode ?


It is not. That is shaded mode

Could you elaborate it more and mark that part in the screenshot so that anyone have a better understanding.

Inkedcadfsfsd_LI Yes, I have circled the problem area in red. The structure that you see in this photo exists inside a solid cube. The solid cube is simulating the ground. What appears to be a solid object is actually a network of voids created by using boolean diff. The problem I am having is that the circled surface will become visible in render and shaded viewports as I pan around the object. It seems to be a glitch in the system.

maybe the object has self intersection surfaces. can you upload the file?


file.3dm (2.6 MB)

I’m not seeing that here. will you please run the systeminfo command in rhino and post the results here.