Solid procedural wood


I would like to simulate wood grain on massive wood, some months ago, someone release some full procedural wood materials on food4rhino, it seems it was a trick , and use only a plane mapping to function.
These rmtl, are no longer working on new rhino releases.
Could we except having something to obtain these kind of materials? even working with grasshopper?

Thank you for your help

This should be helpful:

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Thanks John,

It is helpful, but in fact I already use mapping, but using "solid"procedural wood gave me and aspect of wood veins as manufacturing purposes.
To know aspect of wood before machining is interesting for me, because you could orient mapping plane and adjust it, and if it is correct you can retrieve bounding box of wood parts according to the mapping, for production purposes.
I know that procedural wood will never give me a perfect aspect for rendering but it is not my goal.
But it will give me more realistic veins on curved pieces of wood (as style chair)

Thanks a lot for your help

FWIW it looks pretty good in Raytraced / Rhino Render in v7.

Is this not as you’d expect from a wood material?


Thank you, yes, exact, it was what I was expecting, because since many last v7 releases if was crashing my Rhino when loading this material, and I didn’t investigate further… It was maybe due to the stacking of two procedural textures inside the mat…

But thank you

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