Solid from wire frame

Hi everyone newbie here.

i am trying to make a model for a boat’s superstructure, the structure is mostly sharp and straight planes/surface.
So i build wire frame first by measure from the plastic model I have in hand, and I make surface by “surface from plane edge” - most surfaces are straight, and some time by loft, if the edges are not on one plane.
But the structure i made cannot be closed into solid, it always show naked edge where the wire frame is. how can two surface share and made from one wire not close? how do I “stitch” them so the solid became water tight.

Hi Dave,

Can you share the model and post it here?
There can be many reasones why you cannot create a closed polysurface yet without the model (or parts of it), it’s just a guess what might be the cause.


how do I upload it in the forum

Hi Dave- you can drag and drop a file into your response, or click n the ‘arrow up’ icon at the top of the response window.


hi here it is, I just tried rail2 and planar curve, which seems works, just curious why loft doesn’t create same surface that close

latch.3dm (2.4 MB)

Hi Dave - is this what you are after? Loft and PlanarSrf or Cap.


it says unable to cap 8 object? what did I do wrong,

some time rail2 creating surface would close the object, when I use “create object” command

Hello modeleryang
There are two very thin surfaces on one of the edges, you need to remove them (see below). Once removed you should be able to create the sides with use edge curves or sweep two rails and cap the open ends (worked fine for me with edge curves)

Damn, always something.
You will not be able to cap the underside because the edges are not co-planar. Put a line across to close off the triangle and use edge curve to create two surfaces.

Hi dear Dave
How much deviation is acceptable for you?
I tried to decrease maximum deviation from 1.43214e-14 to 8.88178e-15 is it useful for you?

In general you should keep the absolute tolerance setting in the range of 0.01 to 0.0001. And never set it below 1.0e-5. If you need a tighter tolerance, use smaller units instead.


Hi dear wim
Thanks for your attention, i edited my post

yeah, i guess that’s created by previous loft.
But anyway, I managed to build surface - planar, if not planar i will breakdown into triangle as Tone said, and build solid from there, it seems all work for me now, thanks everyone for your help.

i have a wiredframe structure of a ship and i want to make it solid. guide me for making solid from wired frame

Have a look at this: