Solid Difference does not work (for me)

I created a spherical Object which parts shall later be cut on a CNC.
The different parts shall be sticked together, therefore I already created slots on the edges of the triangular parts.
I also prepared the connectors, but somehow I cannot use solid Difference to get the desired slots in the connectors.
Something must be wrong with the Breps.

Do you guys have any hints or possible solutions for me?

I just recently entered the universe of Grasshopper…which you will likely notice…
(I also attached the file)

Ikosaeder (26.9 KB)

Check 'White"group…

Ikosaeder (29.7 KB)


Thank you for your quick response!
I am now able to trim the triangle breps but i actually want to trim the connectors.
By switching Brep A /B in “Solid Difference” it should work right?
But then I only see the cutouts, still being part of the solid connectors. (Screenshot)
Being able to trim the triangle solids but not the connector solids seems illogical to me.
I also discoverd, that “Solid Intersection” works, but the result is not what i need of course.

Unbenannt3Ikosaeder (27.2 KB)

I couldn’t fix your definition so, I made a new one from scratch using sandbox plugin…
Mesh Topology Edgewould provide nice Edge-Face connectivity data for this kind of case.
And you don’t have to make thickened panels and connectors if you just try to unroll and laser cutting. Labeling for panels and connectors is up to you…

Ikosaeder (29.5 KB)

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Thank you very much for your help, I really appreciate that!