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I created solids, but I can’t difference chamfers from it. Sometimes I have an invalid brep, and sometimes Grasshopper goes into a loop.
Can you help me? (22.8 KB)

This isn’t easy to explain… I don’t have a proper solution yet but will describe what I did.

Your geometry is very far from the origin, which can cause problems, so the first purple group moves it to the origin.

I didn’t wait for all six SDiff components to complete (way too long!) so first used FilEdge (Fillet Edge) instead (first green group). It works but doesn’t match the triangle cross section you defined.

So I looked again at using only one SDiff to do the job (second green group). (28.5 KB)

It almost works but your lofted triangles don’t always fit properly so fails in places.

That’s all I’ve got so far. (don’t hold your breath for more)

There are 3 mistakes in geometry and 1 curve without chamfer.

Yep. What are you going to do about it?

I’ve refined the brep in input and transformed a triangle into a trapezoid for void.
In result I also have 4 problems with geometry (30.1 KB)

I see no reason to look at your file if it doesn’t fix the issue. Do you understand why the errors happen in the code I posted? You need a different approach. Doesn’t help that the brep is so irregular.

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error_02-12-23 Edited V0 pOd (16.9 KB)

Let’s make life easier if possible.
Search this forum.

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Video looks good but…


And @Dmitry_Korchemny wants the chamfer to have two different dimensions, horizontal and vertical, not have both the same.

Just do it many times?

Huh :question:


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