Softtransform - a few thoughts

Hi McNeel

I had been hoping that SoftTransform would get a little (and much needed) love in V8, but it seems to be stuck in the same semi-finished state as when it was introduced. This has been mentioned by other users, but here are a few of my thoughts. Please consider for V9
a) We really need an indicator of sorts when SoftTransform is on, eg. changing the colour of the preview mesh/outline or colouring the viewport border. If the “SoftTransform size” is small (or if you are zoomed in on a small section of your geometry), it can be hard to notice the effect, but it can lead to weird/wrong transform results (and mistakes) if not caught in time. A clear indication of SoftTransform being turned on would help a lot.
b) We need a way to turn SoftTransform on and off (and change the falloff type) that is disconnected from the SoftTransform command. Right now, running SoftTransform with no sub-object selection gives you various options, but no visual feedback/indication of what you are doing. Running it with a subobject selection gives you the opposite: Visual feedback but no options. That is just so incredibly… bad :exploding_head:
c) Please integrate the settings (on/off, size and falloff type) into the “settings dot” on the Gumball. Hell, throw an on/off indicator on the Gumball as well, and we’re all set :slight_smile:
TIA, Jakob


Whenever I used SoftTransform I thought it would be nice to be able to use the mouse wheel to change the size.