SoftTransform issue

The SoftTransform button works when no object is selected.

But if something IS selected, the right click to the the button does crazy things.
I expect to toggle on/off.

Instead I get a ball and “Radius” in the prompt, no further text, no “:”.
ESC doesn’t work.
Enter doesn’t work.
Right click doesn’t work.
Only a left click.

SoftTransform toggle should work while something is selected.

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Yes, if you have something subobjectselected, (such as a face, edge, vertex (but not a control point) ), and run soft transform, you will be able to change the radius, represented by the red sphere.

Once you Enable=Yes SoftTransform, that’s it. It’s staying on until you turn it off again.

For this reason I have made a shortcut: ST
Alias: ’_SoftTransform _Enable Enter

I feel that when Soft Tranform is on, there should maybe be a visual ID for it in a similar style to OneView. It can be easy to forget to turn it off and wonder why everything is moving oddly!

If you clear your selection, disable SoftTransform, then run _SelPrev, that should return you to where you wish to be.

When I switch back to the original interface for _SoftTransform, it works as expected.

The influence ball might be handy, sure.
But in the current implementation it is not.
It breaks the toggle function.

Why not having the ball as an option?

I agree there should be an indicator for on/off.
Somewhere in here perhaps?

True, down here maybe too.


Maybe it will need to gain popularity first. I think it’s a huge tool for subd.