Soft edit surface

hi guys
when i use soft edit surface or soft move it act like picture and it does not act soft it does sharp
what is the problem?

That looks like a mesh, not a NURBS surface.

@aminsk152017 Is that a degree 1 surface?

SoftEditSrf does not change the degree of a surface or smooth the surface. Instead it moves the control all the control points within the fall-off distance. The control point closest to the selected point is moved the most and the other control points are move less, with the amount moved decreasing with distance from the center point. The movement of multiple control points causes the result to be smoother than if only one control point was moved.

SoftMove works similarly for groups of selected objects including control points.

Move one of the control points of the degree 1 surface directly without using SoftEditSrf or SoftMove. The result will be sharper.

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thank u
but when i use soft move command and want to move surface with a curve it does the same

Hello - Rebuild the surface to degree 3 in both directions - does that behave as you like?


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it was useful thank u