Sofistik Plugin - Turn off automatic re-enumeration of SPT / SLN numbers


This topic might seem very trivial at first, but could save me some stress and hours of work in the future:

In Civil Engineering applications, it is essential to keep track of the Point and Line enumeration when working with large models. Through that procedure, the Engineer can identify areas of high stresses and is able to successfully plan large scale structures.

However, if you delete a SPT or SLN in Rhino (for instance SLN 1001) and then try to re-enumerate another existing SPT or SLN (for instance re-enumerating SLN 1002 to SLN 1001), the program will output: SLN with that number already exists.

Also, if you copy SPTs or SLNs from another model, the automatic re-enumeration feature does not work, so that you end up having multiple SPTs or SLNs of the same number. If you then re-open the model, all lines with numbers, which occur more than once, will be reassigned new numbers so that you - in the worst case - will have to spend a lot of time with re-enumerating elements. The damage might be limited though, if saves have been created recently.

Is there a possibility of avoiding these problems?

Thanks a lot, help is very much appreciated

Best regards from Berlin, Germany
David Jaworek

Have you tried contacting the authors of that plug-in directly?