So...Basic UI Object Info Pallete (like, er, Vectorworks?)

Ok, I hope I’m just being dumb, here! It can’t possibly be that Rhino is missing a simple Object Info Pallete - like this one in Vectorworks (sorry) that just shows the basic (and necessary) set of info, i.e. Dims and World Coordinates?

The obvious “Object Properties” doesn’t even give me a basic 48"x96" dims of the Rectangle Curve pictured?

I did find “List” command (also under Analyze menu) but i mean, that shld be a constant heads-up display, no? And important enough to be a UI instead of command-line writing.

Really hoping I’m being super blind, and missing something, and it exists somewhere I haven’t looked. Otherwise, how do you draft/model and tweak things without a heads-up of the object sizing/location?

Thanks in advance!

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Does BoxEdit do what you are looking for?

Will try that. Though, honestly, still confused as to why I have to “do” something to see my object’s basic info?

I found a suggestion on an older post to use “Bounding Box” which then DOES show the dims in bottom corner of screen. But that’s still having to do that for every object I’m working with? Doesn’t seem right, does it? Plus, the coordinates are on the other side of the screen, so I have to check 2-3 diff things to know basic info about my rectangle?

That BoxEdit is I think basically it. Will have to see if I can customize and Dock that as a palette…


Thanks, that’s exactly what I need. At least it’s possible to leave open as a floating interface and can use it anytime I click a different option.

If any powers-that-be are reading along here, I think that’s an important enough set of information that it cries out to be a UI along with Object Pallete

Thanks again, Sam

Hi Alan-

This comes up from time-to-time. Objects don’t have parametric properties in Rhino; they have no “memory” of the numbers that were used to create them. So you will have to post-edit the objects differently. This comes as a bit of a shock to users who come from more associative parametric paradigms …or even from popular softwares like Illustrator. Hopefully, BoxEdit will get you closer to what you are looking for.

This is not to say that it isn’t something we should consider, just a deep-seated “way things are done” type of thing.

If you want more parametric control of your objects, Grasshopper is a great option, but definitely overkill for what you are asking for here.



Thanks so much, Dan. That explanation is very helpful and appreciated. It helps to know the “why” in these cases.

And yes, I would love to see that in a future update if possible. For now BoxEdit is doing the job to a workable degree

Thanks again


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I just came across this after a search. I’ve been using an application that allows one to build a set of parameters to use in the creation of various forms and relationships that’s very useful, but the application on the whole is rather fragile and tedious to use. I can see however just how powerful the feature can be. Is grasslhopper the only practical way forward in this. or is such a possibility in the app itself?

Well, Grasshopper is within the app itself. I’m hopelessly biased, but I think you would be hard-pressed to find a better general-purpose parametric modeler than Grasshopper.

However, if what you are used to is a more design-table based parametric modeler, Grasshopper might feel a bit odd at first.

This is deviating a bit from the topic, so I’ll cut this short before I meander off on a future trip.

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I’m sorry I didn’t investigate more. That’s very exciting news for me! Thanks. I’ll have to find some suitable tutorials to catch up.

You meant grasshopper? If so… Really???