Snapshots wish



I would like to be able to specify the rotation pivot of an object by relocating the gumball to the required center of rotation.

See: Snapshots question


(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Philip - do you mean the rotation for the animation in restoring a snapshot?



Yes :+1: Thanks!


(Pascal Golay) #4

Hi Philip - yeah… this has come up before… I think the problem is that there is no record of how things get to the position that they are in from some other saved position - so even though it may seem obvious to you, snapshots has to make up the animated paths on the fly, and it has no idea what you think - there is not a specific rotation that takes place as far as Snapshot is concerned. For instance, if between A and B you rotate 90 degrees around Z and then 30 around X and move in X, moving between A and B is going to make up some blend of all those actions in between the two, not do things in the order they were originally done - so the objects will appear to tumble through space… am I making any sense or missing your point?



Yes, that’s clear and I do understand that. I just hope for an additional feature (perhaps involving history) where Rhino would ‘remember’ what command was used for the transformation (rotate, move, scale…) making it an even smarter feature. It’s already great as it is, but you can always dream, right? :wink: