Snapshot question: rotation pivot position

Hi everybody, I’ve a question about snapshot behaviour: when I try to applay a rotation to an object the snapshot utility result show me a rotation that do not happen around the axies that I’ve used…
The situation that respect the rotation wanted it’s only when the object is simmetrical and the rotation pooint stay in centroid position…

Hi @illo76
I beleive that snapshots have no concept of axis or pivot points - it only sees the transformation and uses the bounding box center. It’s the same for scale and move. If you are looking for actual animation of parts with specific pivot points, IK etc., you need either Bongo or Grasshopper.
HTH, Jakob

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Correct - Snapshots do not know how a transform happened , only the start and end.


Thnks a lot for the answer, it’s possible insert a wish option for the developing proces of rhino 8 beta to add the ability of snapshot command to take care of the pivot and the trasformation of the specific object (or a group) during the start and end position?

In GH how it’s possible to solve this situation?

Many thks