Rotation on Snapshots in Rhino 6

I have some problems with snapshots when I try to rotate objects.
They doesn’t turn around the axis that I desire.teste animation.3dm (243.7 KB)

yeah got the same issue. Whenever rotating an object in snapshots it goes off axis and does weird transition…

Anyone has any fixes? maybe locking the objects or some parent relation feature?

Hello - so it is the animation and not the end result that you are considering here, is that correct? If so, well. I’ll let @lars tell is for real, but I don’t think the animation takes into account the commands and inputs used to get objects from one position to another, it just makes a path from one to the next.


Hmm I guess the issue then is that a rotation does not have a path?

The example : A screw is turned 180 degrees between two snapshots. instead of rotating round it , flies off the initial axis completely going of of it’s start location box and then comes back with a different side facing the camera.

Yes , the animation process not the end location of the object

Do you have blocks in use for the animated objects that have incorrect animation path?

Hello - if I make a single object and rotate it it seems to behave as expected between snapshots - if you have an example that you can post, that would be helpful - the simpler the better for trouble-shooting.


Sorry, What do you mean by blocks?

Here is a quick sample.
You can see how the second cube is turning around without following any centers or axes of it’s own body.
Rotation isn’t a pathway?

Here is another sample, where it is clear that the object does not follow the axis in which it’s deformation happened.

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@oskars.pantelejevs, could you attach the 3dm file for this error?

This seems completely expected, if not exactly ideal, to me - the tweening in Snapshots, I suppose anyway, does not have any idea of the operation used to achieve the position and orientation.


I agree Oskars.

Rotation has a pivot off the objects center or Gumball center.
It’s not like Bongo. In fact, could I set a pivot? I don’t think so.

Same for me here. I want to just rotate an element and it goes off the frame and then comes back.

And my objects are not in blocks.



it’s here any solution for rotation by concrete axys? I need made simple quick video and this behavior is unusuable.:confused:

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It’s been over 2 years, and the issue persists. Can someone look into it. Quite silly , as such time has passed, and surely there could be set pivot point or rotation reference command available, or a code that just makes the rotation travel to be from object centre?

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