Snapshots and 3rd party renderers

Will 3rd party plug-in rendered content be able to take full advantage of the new Snapshot functionality? Is that something the 3rd party developer has to hook into and be aware of? So functionality with Snapshot will be limited to those Renderers who prepare for it or is it maybe simpler than that?



It depends. For some of the functionality - like views, positions and so on, it will all “just work”.

As you know, some of the renderers do not use the RDK primitives, like sun, sky and so on. For them, the snapshots will not work for those features.

None of the renderers will be saving their general settings as “Rendering Settings” just yet, because in V5 it’s not possible. In V6, this is possible and it will be the recommended way. As such, from then on, the “Rendering Settings” stuff will also work.

Finally, all plug-ins can add new “clients” to the snapshots feature - so they can add things to the list and save them in a snapshot.

  • Andy

Great thanks Andy