Snapping point in perspective acting weirdly

I have a problem with the snapping point since the beginning of the week.
I am using Rhino with the VisualArq plug-in and it was all working fine until a couple of days ago when I started no being able to construct object by using the snapping point function. It works perfectly on the front side and top views (but sometimes it isn’t the easiest views to use for certain constructions.
Anyway, my issue is that, whenever I try to use the perspective view, although the snap function is activated, no matter where I click and no matter i it is actually indicating me it as detected a point or an end or anything to snap onto, when I do click, it always snaps in the middle of nowhere but always at a specific height.
I have tried to work out why… and it seems that it always wants to snap at height Z=0 even if I need to attach something on the top of my building, 3mters heigher… It will attach dimensions, line or any other construction at z=0

I can’t work out why and this is most annoying as it used to work fine before…
Anybody would have an idea what I might have done to create this undesired effect?
And knows how to fix it ?

Thank you so much for your help !

Do you have Project in the Osnap bar activated?


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Hi Mitch,
No I haven’t…

Mitch, would a missoriented cplane cause this ?—-Mark

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I figured out that a key on my keyboard actually activates or de-activate the Project snap option, and I probably happen to press that command without realizing. I had to un-select it a couple of times today and figured out which key is causing the problem.
Thank you Mitch for making me pay more attention to that particular thing.
I am going to go through the rhino properties and see if I can delete this shortcut so this stops happening.
Many thanks for the help !