Snap to surface

I am moving an object to have its corner snap to the surface of a sweep made from a circle. in wireframe there is no line there to snap to, in solid I see a surface, but no snapping is happening.

Where is the snap to surface command, or how is such achieved ?


When hovering the mouse pointer over the snap toolbar, hit Ctrl to get a one-shot OnSrf snap.

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I’ll try that. earlier I wanted to draw a circle on a vertical planar surface, I remembered the ctrl Perpetual on surf option but after selecting surface, that circle went in any direction but planar on my planar surface ! I ended up in ortho view doing it.


“On surface” does not mean what you are drawing will be entirely on the surface, just the snap point. If its a planar surface that’s not parallel to a principle plane, you will need to set a CPlane to it before creating your circle. If it’s a curved surface, you can only draw curves guaranteed to lie on the surface at all points with certain specific commands such as InterpCrvOnSrf.


I wish there was a way of just selecting a surface to quickly draw just one shape, line circle etc, just to suss something, measure something etc.

Its not worth the hassle of creating Cplanes, I have various shapes I just want to do a quick draw on, then delete it, as opposed to something serious, if you know what I mean.


Cplane Previous should help - you can use CPlane Surface , do your thing, then CPlane Previous.


What about MPlane?