Permanent snap to surface?

First, the huge amount of threads with questions regarding if snap to surface is even possible in Rhino, ranging back to 2014 and up until today, should really have given the developers a clue by now that the current implementation is not good Ux design.

Second, is there a way to sticky these “one shots”, because I need to draw a polyline across several adjacent planes now, and it’s driving me crazy having to enable it between evey. single. click. even. when. on. the. same. surface.

Seems I need to figure out where this command is:


EDIT: Sigh… found it… would never have found it without the documentation, and still took me a good few minutes… this is so bad…


Start the Polyline command, then hover the mouse above the Osnap panel. Hit Ctrl and click on POnPSrf. You will then be asked to select the polysurface to persistently snap to.

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hi wim, that ctrl does not bring anything (additionally) on mac rhino, the button activates once clicked (with or without ctrl) and has to be deactivated when i want to snap to anything else and then again activated to snap further on the polysurface. would be good to have polysurface as a non forced but always possible snap.