Switching to Rhino for windows from Rhino for Mac - surface snap

Hi guys!
There were a few features in Windows I wanted to try so I’m testing Rhino for Windows. In Rhino for Mac, if you want to put a point on surface or polysurface, you just click the Osnap for it, then select the surface you want. This feature is not available in Windows. How do you put a point on a surface? My end goal is actually to draw a curve on a surface. Thanks!!

Use the OnSrf one-shot OSnap. Start the command (Point, Line, Curve, etc) and when it asks for a point either type OnSrf and select the surface. An alternative to typing OnSrf is to hold down the Ctrl key and move the cursor over the list of OSnaps. The one-shot OSnaps will appear rather than the persistent OSnaps.

Info about OSnaps in Rhino for Windows at http://docs.mcneel.com/rhino/5/help/en-us/user_interface/object_snaps.htm

yep, that worked. thank you, thank you!

also interpolate curve on surface.