Snap to block origin

Is there a way to do this, or place a point at a block’s origin?

The point snap will snap to the block’s origin.

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The problem seems to exist with an imported block.
With original Rhino Blocks it works fine

rig.3dm (341.5 KB)

HI Mario - this works ok here - the insertion point is at the center of the arc that the truss makes in Plan.


True Pascal,
I was looking at the gizmo location which is not on the block’s origin.

Gizmo option Align to object has set it back to the block’s origin



Hi Mario - RelocateGumball with the Point OSnap should do it - Enter after you snap the location point if you do not also want to re-orient the gumball. It is a little tricky to locate that point out in space…


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