How can I move an object to the origin (gumball) of another object?

I tried align and turned on all snap options but the second origin isn’t shown or snapped.

Hello - there is not a built in way to do that - a workraound would be to select the target object, with Gumball on, set a new Cplane to the gumball and add a point at the CPLane origin, then use that point to snap to - here’s a macro:

! _CPlane _GumBall _Point 0 _CPlane _Undo _SelNone


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Thanks! BTW, I noticed that the gumball point is moved when the object is processed (eg cut), does this mean that the objects in Rhino don 't have a stable origin?

another way,
use analyze > Volume centroid to mark the centroid of the 1st object then use snappy gumball to snap your 2nd object to it-

Well… except… the bounding box center is used, not the object centroid, and if the Gumball is set to align by object, often some other location is used - so if the goal is to always find the gumball origin, that will not work, and it will not work for curves or annotations for example.


Hello - Gumball depends on the selection and the gumball alignment setting. Individual objects should have a ‘stable’ gumball location though, per the alignment setting.