Snap on Object while using OrientOnCrv

Does anyone know how can I use object snaps on the object that I’m rotating, AFTER I oriented it to a curve? I hardly ever use any kind of transforms without snaping on someting…

Hmm - yeah- the ‘object’ is not really there yet as geometry, it is a preview. I’m not sure what the way out is in this case - @dale, is this possible, is there enough there to snap to?


Yes, it’s the preview. In this case I’m going to use the trapezoid as a profile for a Sweep1, and I need it to be aligned to some other objects not visible in the screenshot. Is there another way to precisely align it for a Sweep? Right now I’m orienting it on the rails I need, an then rotating manually. Not really a problem, just wondering if it all could be done inside orient.
Thanks again Pascal

Yes, it is as Pascal describes.