Smooth a transitions between polysurface edges


I have a basic model on which I’d like to do some terrain analysis (ie. flow, slope). The model was produced by several sections that were lofted together (straight sections) and then the edges (ridges/valleys) were filleted with a 10m radius.

Once I exported the terrain model info into GIS/Global Mapper and made a slope analysis, I noticed that, because the transitions between slope gradients in the sections were angular, it produced something like kinks in the slope. These can be seen clearly using Environment Map. These then affect the way water flow patterns are mapped on the surface, etc.

Is it possible to smooth the transitions between these edges in the model? Or will I need to remodel the terrain somehow?

Sample_Polysurface.3dm (4.8 MB) !
Screenshot 2021-04-07 123329|689x419

Hello - yes, but you’ll need to back up to the untrimmed surfaces and MatchSrf them to one another where they meet - match for tangency, with Average Surfaces set.


How would I back up to the untrimmed surfaces?

Hello - please see

Not that I am unwilling to help, but it seems you may need a more thorough understanding in order not to have questions about everything I tell you - I’d recommend the level 1 and level 2 training materials on that page.


_explode or _extractSrf
_matchSrf (tangent, preserve Isocurve - check the help file of this command to get the settings right)

… and yes, the training level 1 and 2 recommended by Pascal is great.
(sorry pascal - i was already looking at this while you where typing ) kind regards -tom