Smoothing the join between two surfaces created in external program and imported into Rhino

Hi there,

I’m having some trouble smoothing/joining two surfaces that I’ve generated using Maxsurf (it’s a ship’s hull). I probably should’ve sorted these out prior to exporting to Rhino, but it’s too late now. See pics below.

Any hints or tips on how to sort this out? I hoped the drape command might save me but doesn’t give a smooth enough result unfortunately.



Drape? No that’s not for anything like this at all.

If the larger hull shape is good enough you may be able to just MatchSrf, but what you probably need to do to get the nicest possible result is some manual point sculpting to get them closer–use InsertKnot to get more control points if you need them-- then “nail it down” with MatchSrf.

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Cheers for that. MatchSrf did seem to pull them in a bit closer, just had to split my surfaces so their edges were the same length and seemed to work pretty well. Was a little bit fiddly.

I found that once I used MatchSrf, simply joining the surfaces brought in the final gaps.

Thanks very much for your help

The only reason why I initially thought of using drape was because I pretty much needed a shrink wrap type command to just cover the holes, and then trim/join to tidy it up - this worked much better though!



Hull just needs some minor touch ups :slight_smile: