Smoothing of 3 surfaces

Hello, I created these surfaces, but something I do not understand is how to fix points for smoothing?
Untitled.3dm (1.5 MB)


For symmetrical situations you only need to match tangent to match curvature connectivity. So all you need to do is match surface tangent, with “average” on and “preserve iso” .Try it yourself :slight_smile:

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When using MatchSrf it does not work very well, maybe I’m wrong somewhere. I need exactly the points.

mhh I did the image above by using this command. I did it within 1 minute. When being in match surface command, have a you set tan, tan , average and preserve iso?


After repeated use of MatchSrf, I can not achieve good quality:

well, its tiny. I you want better quality you could copy patches to do perfect average surfaces. The problem is the patch layout itself. you can also try to manually drag second cps a bit in normal direction. but seriously, at least for my result its quite acceptable.

Ok, with MatchSrf you can achieve a normal result, I just moved the point a little:

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And what about the adjustment of control points?
I’ve used the MoveUVN tool. And Zebra analysis for viewing the edges of surfaces.