Somewhat mysterious matchesrf

it seems to me that there is a small problem with the match command.

impossible to make the G1 or G2 transition between two edges in a single click
…I should have re-executed the command three times (option (average).
That does not bother me . as long as it works.

the isoparametric alignment is not respected too,
the set of control points lie far from their isoparametric vector.
I can move the checkpoints manually to solve this problem.
but it’s still a bit annoying anyway

in the case of two identical surfaces.
firstly, the command does not need to move the third row of control points to have the curvature continuity.
it suffices to align the second rows only. since the radius and the distance of the points are already identical between the two surfaces !!!.
it is somewhat mysterious this behavior of the match command.
I understand that it is the mathematical equation which obliges to have the number of points required to achieve the requested continuity.
I could have adapted them in G1 all just to avoid this problem.
does the matchsrf not able to trace the distance and angle of the three rows of control points. with respect to the edge shared between the two surfaces?. . in order to avoid any unwanted displacement!

matchsrf.3dm (51.5 KB)

maybe I misunderstood things

thank you in advance

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Hello - I don’t yet understand your first point, but for the second, Rhino does not check to see if the surface are identical - just use tangent matching on mirrored surfaces.


hi pascal.
what I meant is that the matchesrf command cannot make the desired match on a single execution

I should have re-executed matchesfr three times in order to achieve the desired transition between the two edges

for me it is not a problem … I can execute the command three times.
i wanted to know if this is a bug or not.

this only happens in the case of (average surface)
and (preserve isocurve direction)

sorry for the sound in the video. it was another video playing on youtube
thank you