Proximity Parabola definition

Hi all, working on a similar definition to this, what I need is for the script to make smooth parabolic curves from the reference points, but I’m getting a lot of these weird “bumps” on the output.

Proximity (18.2 KB)

Have a look at the attachment…

Proximity (28.2 KB)

Hi thanks for the reply, did a similar definition to this early on, the problem is that you get these sharp arcs if you dont base the remaping off proximity, is it possible to have it in a way where it does not output these sharp arcs?

Thanks again HS_Kim, great definition but it’s not quite what I need. With the nature of how the model is going to get built I need the contours to rest on these arcs (white) where the delaunay connectivity lines would be. I need these arcs to be parabolic since it’s going to be made of strips of rattan. The method you sent can smooth the sharp arcs but it also makes the curvature inaccurate.

This is why I opted to sift the division points into trees of the attractors in my first script, which makes for more accurate arcs but the contour lines are off