Attractor points in Grasshopper

Hello! I’m fairly new to gh and I have a question regarding attractor points. I need a voronoi surface with one or multiple attractor points. The cells need to become smaller the closer they get to the attractor but not by scaling them. The control points need to move closer to it while the overall number stays the same. Can somebody help me? I’m trying for like forever now.

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Here’s one way using Pinch’n’Spreadin Pufferfish plugin.

Pinch& (12.3 KB)

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Thanks for your reply! But is there a way to do this without a plugin? As far as I know they don’t like us using plugins.

Who are they?

Oh I am sorry. I’m studying architecture and want to create a pattern on a surface for a project I’m working on. I really want this to work for creating a cool looking fassade. Some of us used plugins in their last gh script for a model and our profs didn’t like it.

Check this as well. (13.1 KB)

There are many ways… (16.8 KB)

And there are so many similar cases out there so, I’m pretty sure people don’t think these voronoi things are cool and fresh either.

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Wow thanks! The last one is what I’m looking for. I only want the points to stay the same number in my boundary. I will try to make it fit my script. I personally hate this voronoi pattern it creeps me out for some reason but we have to use it. Not my choice, but I want to make the most of it.

Have a good day/night/or else!