Smoothing a Mesh with Holes

I’m trying to smooth this contour mesh from a dwg I have received but it has holes where the existing buildings are located on the site -

So far I have tried to:
1 - Loft between several 100 curves taken from it’s X-Y sectional profiles but it doesn’t seem to be able to loft through the holes
2 - Subdivide a surface made from the mesh’s naked edges and use Mesh | Ray > Surface From Points to build a smooth surface but no luck either

Wondering if anyone has any ideas,
Thanks in advance.


Hi @Ciaran_French
I would run it through Grasshopper and Weaverbirds’s Catmull-Clark component, which gives you a heavier, but smooth, version. Go for fixed naked edges, so that the building footprints stayed in place. You can run ReduceMesh afterwards if the resultingmesh is too heavy.
Here the grey mesh is the smoothed version.

HTH, Jakob