[Architecture Use] 3D Site from map (With Cloud Point)

Hello Everybody !

I am an architecture student and very very new to Rhino.
I have a precise plan from a land surveyor that I am trying to turn into a 3D modeled site.
I already tried some things as follow :

Noticed that I used the extrusion one to give it thickness but actually I want to know if there is any other way ?
I feel like the extrusion tool is not making it smooth at all…
Also the weaver in here was an attempt to make it smoother but well not sure it’s really good either… I mean not the way I used it.

Here is the rendered shape with the Extrusion + Weaverbird smooth :

Not smooth at all…

Here the rendered shape without extrusion but with the Weaverbird smooth tool :

This look like what I am looking for but I need thickness to the surface, I need it to turn into a solid pretty much and that I dont know how to do.

It would be actually perfect if the bottom surface was flat.

I am sure it is not that complicated in the end but I have been struggling for sooo damn long and most people advice me to Extrude but It is not what I am looking for :confused: And Id’ rather learn the correct way right away.

Thanks in advance for your help !

generaly with site work you want to build from horizontal contours – with a similar point count – to get a smooth and proper site. Try generating contours in the Z direction every Nth.

Thanks for your reply !
For the contours tools, which one should be used ?
I don’t perfectly know the exact difference between each of them yet.

the component works on breps and meshes…

Thanks !
I indeed succeeded pretty easily to get the countours and made them pretty smooth, I am however now trying to make a surface to “drape” them.

Hi Sarah -

From that flat surface, extract the outer edge, project/extrude to a flat bottom plane and build surfaces from that.

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Thanks for your reply !
I had found a way but I made it way harder than it needed to be ahah but I used the loft component to loft my outer curves as you said to the curve of a rectangle I used to make a nice and clean rectangular representation of the site.
Thanks to you I will know how to do it without a clear shape thanks a lot.