Smoothen mesh


(Madeleine Kallmarker) #1

Hello, I have created some meshes in grasshopper but the are very “pixly”. If anyone know a way to smoothen meshes, please let me know.



Model 6.3dm (9.7 MB)
q_hg_02.pdf (104.2 KB)

(Amir Habibi) #2

There are plenty of plugins for smoothing and subdividing mesh , you can use Weaverbird’s catmull-clark subdivision, laplacian smoothing , …


(Madeleine Kallmarker) #3

I tried laplacian but didnt understood how to set the parameters right…

(Amir Habibi) #4

just set the level input from 1 < more .

(Madeleine Kallmarker) #5

This is what I mean… :frowning:

Model 6.3dm (9.7 MB) (13.9 KB)

(Amir Habibi) #6

Although your Mesh’s Topology is awful and laplacian smoothing can’t be a good hit just try catmull clark subdivision . (In case you want to smooth it better you could use MeshMachine from Kangaroo).

(Madeleine Kallmarker) #7

Thank you very much! Works fine :slight_smile: