Weaverbird can not smooth model completely after kangaroo simulating

When I wanted to smooth my model, my model did become a little smoother, but there are some wrinkles on it.
Thank you for your help!

Try Laplacian and Catmull-Clark smoothing.

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Thanks, Catmull-Clark smoothing can still not work.Laplacian works but the bottom edge disappear

If you minimise your LengthFactor (i.e. to less than zero) during solving, this should yield a smooth(er) output mesh from Kangaroo.


Thanks! Did you mean the number of it? It did works, but the shape changed a lot, becoming more flat. And I’ m also curious why weaverbird loop’ s subdivision become orange when I turn up the slider.

I did indeed.

Right, you’ll need to increase the unary force to compensate for the edge length minimisation.

It’s warning you that you are about to make a very dense/heavy mesh.

You are very patient!
Thank you

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