Smooth Transition

Hi everyone

I’m wondering if anyone knows a way to get a smoother transition on the edges at the widest point where it kinks out? I’ve tried adding cross sections and tried 2 rails, but this is the best I’ve been able to get. It sounds simple but i’m missing something.

Scoop.3dm (482.2 KB)

Hello - I don’t know if I got the right bit,l but something like this, perhaps_

Scoop_PG.3dm (202.6 KB)

The semicircle at one end can be nicely approximated by a rebuild to degree 5 and 12 points (for 180 degrees) I rebuild the short arc at the other end the same - it does not need that many points itself but it should match the rebuilt half circle so that a sweep2 to make that edge is clean.


Thanks for that it makes the edge better.
I was referring to the way the object transitions from the area above the widest point and the area below the widest point. It’s too abrupt.

Scoop_PG (1).3dm (363.1 KB)

Hi paul - am I correct that you are making this from a Sweep1 of these four curves?


If so, there is little hope of getting any useful control of the shape out there… You’ll need to build it more carefully, I would say.


Try building two curves representing the desired shape of the edges. Then use Sweep2 with those two curves as the rails and the three cross-sections as the sections.

I think you mean like this?
It helps the problem area but changes the ends in a bad wayScoop.2.3dm (351.9 KB)

Thanks Pascal

Am I being too picky or can this have been built without the crease?

Scoop.2 003.3dm (2.1 MB)

Hi Paul - you’re being appropriately picky, I would, say but given the, well, messy surfaces this is hard to fix…you can get rid of that little crease but if you look over at the top of that spoon shape, there is a whole-nother thing to deal with. I recommend working on simplifying your input curves and and understanding continuity, and the tools available for dealing with these, and separating shapes into primary and secondary surfaces.