Help in creating Smooth Transition

I’m trying to make a surface as the highlighted one using sweep1, or sweep2(or anything other that’d work) and making the curves in the far right to be part of the surface.
This is just a sample, but I think I’ll use this kind of surface.

Main point is the center cross section is tilted when looked at from the right view.

Sweep1 ends up crossing each other, loft needs more crosssections to have a smooth transition.

Any good way to do it in one shot?

Smooth_transition.3dm (172.4 KB)

Would an ExtrudeAlongCurve work?

tried with network ?

Smooth_transition.3dm (210.9 KB)

If the cross sectional crvs are the same all the way along do you need a network? Would an ExtrudeCurveAlongCurve would give the desired result? In a network you can try NetworkSrf?

A sweep2 might work if you can place your rails top and bottom, but again it would be ignoring your cross sectional crvs and just fitting to the rails?

I was thinking network would create bit complicated surface for later,
though the surface I want to create is exactly what you have with
the networksrf…

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The cross sectional curves are similar, but the one in the middle is tilted say around 30deg or so.
With extrude I can’t control the change of angle in the middle crosssection.

with the sweep2 I get a huge bulge and rail that I want to go through in the middle(which I have now) will not be accounted for.

As Cyver suggested NetworkSrf is the way to go then, if you are worried about the complexity of the surface, you could rebuild it, using the rebuild command, with fewer UV, but at the risk of loosing the fidelity of the srf?!

I guess from there I can extract isocurves for other commands as well.

Still looking for better way to make a smooth surface…

Left is the curves, made it with deg.5 was hoping that’s make some difference…

Surface made with networksrf as suggested is the surface I’m looking for, but want a more simplier one as I’ll have other surfaces that I need to blend to later.

Networksrf -> then extracted isocurves -> simplified the curves then used loft to build in the right most, but still need to do bits of nudging of points afterwards…

Any other way to do it?

hmmsmoothtransitionV5.3dm (722.8 KB)

I canni open your file as im stuck on v5 at the moment, but did you try “Rebuild”?

Thanks for checking, I re-uploaded a V5 file.

Yes I did rebuild, loft is pretty good. just trying to see if there is way to
make it fit better with the top and bottom rails.
I guess have to nudge…

try to play with “edges curves” and “interior curves” parameters in NetworkSfr, you could control definition, even if you will loose a bit of precision, your surface will be ligther.

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Thanks for the v5

I would still go for Rebuild over a second loft. See Attached
hmmsmoothtransitionV5_T.3dm (4.2 MB)

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Thanks for the tip in networksrf, I’ll play around with those too.

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Thank you for the tip! Seems the surfaces are quite good even with low UVs.
I’ll try the rebuild and also @Cyver’s networksrf with loose tolerance and see what works best.

I do wish sweep or loft like command would do it in one go though.
Loft with rails or loose sweep…