Smooth surface between multiple DOMES and even triangulation?

Hey, main question in the headline.

My inspiration is a building in Germany [1]. I would like to create 2 or 3 domes and connect them with a smooth surface for a relatively even triangulation like in the example [1].

Creating one geodesic isnt a problem [2], but the connection of 2 domes.

In [3] its a smooth connection, but clearly different wireframes of the subsurfaces. That doesnt allow a relatively even triangulation. It was build with the blendsrf tool.

In [4] I lofted the surface between multiple curves. Here I got the problem with the small-scale wireframe at the start and the end of the surface.

Do you know an easy way to solve this problem or have a link for a tutorial?

Thank you and let me know if I done something wrong, its my first post.

Have you tried TriRemesh in Grasshopper?

(Take the T output instead of D for the triangles)

You could also approach it by linking a pair of icosahedra with a loop of triangles then subdividing. This would be a bit more work to set up, but could give you more panel repetition if that matters.

Thanks. Does the triremesh component only work for Rhino 7? Because i got Rhino 6 and i could not load the whole gh file

Could you explain the icosahedra idea a bit more please?

Triremesh is Rhino7 Only .
In Rhino 6 you can try the plugin Ngon .
dome (54.6 KB)

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