Hexagon panel of polysurface made from spheres


Design intent_
I have a design in which 7-8 spheres in different x.y.z axis fused into one another and all its fused edges has a fillet (round ball).
This closed polysurface will have hexagonal panel with varying scale with a offset.

Steps I used with 2-4spheres_

  1. Made the individual spheres in rhino
  2. boolean subtract- blend surface edges (tangent) - join - closed polysurface achieved
  3. Referenced the polysurface as brep in grasshopper
  4. Contour - loft- single surface achieved
  5. Then lunchbox hexagon pattern - remap scale -offset surface

This works for few spheres when i test with more sphere which are in different x.y.z axis, the loft command doesn’t function correctly then unable to achieve polysurface - surface transition. Unaware of mesh can help.

Any suggestions other methods will be appreciated.
Appologies if this question exists already, do direct me.

Thanks in advance.

For multiple spheres blended together you generally won’t be able to simply map a regular hexagonal grid like for a single surface.

For mostly hexagons with some pentagons/heptagons you can remesh
hexballs.gh (442.1 KB)


Hi Daniel.
This is cherry on cake, hahah, simple and amazing.

Thanks man