Creating artificial hills and valleys

Hi guys, I attempted to create artificial pits and hills using the Topo kit by following instructional videos on Youtube. However, the resulting mesh is disorderly and lacks a uniform surface. How can I achieve a more organic appearance? Thanks in Advance (16.1 KB)
slope1.3dm (363.6 KB)


Might have better luck working from a surface/mesh instead of contours and points.

P.S. Might be worth considering something very different, like this? (16.1 KB)

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thanka a lot!, definitely the appearance has improved with your new coding, I wonder what are the irregularities on the sides?

Hi Deniz,

Were you trying to smoothen the mesh to make it follow your contours less rigidly? The Pro version of Land Kit has a very effective smoothening tool that does that function Joesph_Oster is showing in a much more effective and streamlined way while also using the contour and point inputs. There is also a native tool to Grasshopper that smoothens but it does not give the greatest results.

I am seeing from your script a single, continuous mesh but maybe you are getting a different result? The method of generating topography through Topo Kit is to use simple geometry to iterate and generate topography quickly and efficiently while following the express design decisions being made. There are certainly ways to make this look and feel more organic by adding in additional breaklines to guide the topo the way you want it, if you do not have or want to obtain the Pro version.

Also, if you are interested, I run a Land Kit Office Hours on Fridays at 1pm-2pm Eastern Standard Time. I log on and review peoples issues live over Zoom to help correct or explain issues. Maybe if you are trying to work with Topo Kit to design and iterate through some design options then I could help more directly there!

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Dear Ben, yes i am trying to smoothen the mesh. I understand the solution as adding more breaklines. Also I would very much like to attend your zoom session. Hope to see you on Friday. Thanks a bunch. Deniz
Please send me the link to the session when you get a chance

Hi Deniz,

Beneath the image in this page on the Land Kit website is a Zoom link to the Office Hours. I usually have a few people each day but I always divide the time evenly to ensure everyone receives some help. Most of the attendees find it useful to listen in on my assistance to others as well.

Look forward to meeting you there!