Smart Cpoints moving when editing?



Hi everybody,

Is it possible to move various Cpoints the same way we are able to move them when configurating a blend curve? I mean respecting continuity and moving various points proportionally with Shift and Alt…

For me it’s hard to edit a blend curve after create it, maybe there is another way further than dragging (or scaling) one or various CPoints… Alternatives to do that properly?

Thank you!

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Jordi - not quite - there is EndBulge which is part way there but it does not have the scaling all together action as in BlendCurve. BlendCurves are editable with History in V6/WIP by the way.



Hi Pascal,

Nice command. As you said, it’s not exactly what I was looking for but it’s far better than editing points and moving them with no restrictions, and we can also change the degree. I’m looking forward to take time to try the WIP version and start playing with the surfaces and curves blend history.

Thank you!

(Pascal Golay) #4

Hi Jordi - see also DragMode > ControlPolygon - very helpful especially for editing the tangent point of a curve or surface. The feedback can be noisy, with all the tracking lines, but the Tab direction lock is helpful in negotiating that. The V6/WIP feedback is a little quieter and easier to use. Note the DragMode command toggles back to normal CPlane based dragging if the same option is used in two successive runs of the command, so that means one macro

DragMode ControlPolygon

can be used to toggle back and forth between default and control polygon - i.e. one shortcut key or alias.



Hi Pascal,

Good one! So useful, specially to move more than one point (don’t use tab locking then).

To move a single point I personally prefer to snap it to the previous one and lock the direction to match the same Ctrl.Polygon line but faster than changing the drag mode I guess.

DragMode > ControlPolygon and EndBulge are definitely the tools to edit Blend Curves… lacking the all-point-scaling that should be also part of the EndBulge functionality.