Moving points along a curve

Morning guys,
I’ve been watching a series of youtube vids to do with resurfacing shoelasts, and there’s a function done in a Rhino plugin which I’d love to duplicate if possible. It allows the user to drag points along a curve to distribute them differently, concentrating them toward one end of the curve with a gradual spacing. Is this a standard function within Rhino? Can it be done relatively easily?
Blink and you’ll miss it but it’s about 31 seconds into this clip

Thanks in advance

Looks like a command from a plug-in named LastElf is being used.

The only native Rhino command I’m aware of which allows redistribution of control and edit points on a curve is RebuildCrvNonUniform.

Thanks David. Yes the plugin is LastElf, but I thought that (drawn) points on a curve may be scaled somehow for distance along that curve, rather than being control points.