"Smaller Than" Component on two Trees

Hi, I would like to separate two point groups by the X-coordinate of my attractor points in points left and right from the attractor.

Thanks for your time and help!

190707-GHQuestion.gh (14.7 KB)

Your “Point Fields” are not organized by row (or column) so you can’t compare X values to your “Attractors per Curve” (they aren’t organized by rows or columns either). So instead I used the Avr (Average) point of “Attractors” for comparison of X values.

You want to Dispatch points, not X values (as indicated by the red error message on your “Left from…” and “Right from…” Geometry components, after Dispatch).

The branches in your “Point Fields” are backwards from your “Attractors” so I used BANG! and Entwine to fix that (white group).

190707-GHQuestion_2019Jul7a.gh (23.6 KB)

I left a copy of my ‘Tree/List Viewer’ tool in this file, I suggest you learn how to use it by plugging trees of geometry into the ‘Tree’ input and playing around.


Thanks a lot. Can you explain what Avr does exactly?

Experiment with it! For numbers, it’s the mathematical average, for points, it’s a point that represents the “center” of a cloud (list) of points.

Wire the output of Avr to the ‘Tree’ input of the ‘Tree/List Viewer(which is useful only for geometry, not numbers).

Did you know a solution without using the average component for that? Because when my attractor points are more diagonal it is not workin correctly with the seperation to left and right

There are many ways, as I and others have said (eleven days ago in another one of your many threads about this):

The rectangles shown in your image are nowhere to be found in your GH model. Seems to me they would be extremely useful for whatever you are trying to accomplish? Much more so than trying to pattern match “Attractors per Curve”, whatever they are?

It sounds to me like you could use help earlier in the process, formulating a better strategy to get what you really want, instead of painting yourself into a corner and asking for help with a contrived and difficult set of conditions.

This one from three weeks ago was prophetic: