Small Logos in Page View

Good morning/afternoon! On the topic of small logos and how they look in generated PDFs, I’ve discoverd the best output is to create a custom FONT file.

Here’s what they look like in Rhino (with a print preview open above)

And here is what the PDF looks like (The FONT is the only one that keeps fine lines).logoTestInRhino.pdf (169.7 KB)

Issues with using the FONT: As you can see, there appears to be some kind of “maximum vertex” limit on the displayed font glyph in Rhino. I don’t really care though, as the printout looks great!

I would have expected the HATCH method to produce the same good results in the PDF, but it still appears to do some kind of border.

What do other people use for detailed logos in PDF outputs?

I’m pretty sure our logo started as a transparent PNG, and then was saved out as a PDF which was overlaid on our drawing label, I think, I did it a while back now :thinking:

Could it be the curve that created the hatch is still there?


That’s what I would have thought, but no. I deleted all the curves, only hatches remain.

It might be the way that rhino exports “solid” hatches as a series of horizontal lines when going to a PDF?

Is this Rhino 5 or 6? I would expect solid hatches to look crisper at least in 6.

Version 6, and i can send the 3DM somewhere if you want to take a peek.

Sure, you can send the 3dm to