Rhino 6 Issues

I upgraded to Rhino 6 today and am having a few issues:

The extendsrf command works differently than it did in Rhino 5. I like the new option to select a base point and extend the surface out to another given point, but in some cases this command no longer works at all. I’ve found that i need to input a negative value to get surfaces to extend outward in some cases, even if that direction is positive in the model space. Some surfaces simply won’t extend.

When I select a curve, all of the control points appear. I have to hit escape twice for the points to disappear. Is there any way to toggle this off?

The new edit fillets feature I was excited about doesn’t seem to work on any fillet or blend on any of my old models, nor on any new fillets i’ve created in version 6.

Any help on these issues would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You,


Hi Dusty - please post the surface and note the edges to extend on one of these - thanks.

Yes - Options > Mouse page.

and yeah… Editing FilletEdge is limited to those made by V6 using FilletEdge…


Thanks Pascal,

Mouse page worked.

Edit fillet edge still isn’t working. Even with two simple perpendicular planes filleted together in Rhino 6.

Attached is a file of the surfaces extending negatively. Two of the sides extend properly, and two of the sides extend backwards. ExtendSrf Issue.3dm (98.2 KB)
The corners won’t extend at all.

Hello - thanks - just fyi, for now, the corners will extent if you ShrinkTrimmedSrf - in fact they all behave better if shrunk. it looks like. One of the curved trims is in two pieces - if you MergeAllEdges on that object, then extending does the right thing on that curved trim, here at least so far.