Slow performance with Boxedit Rhino 6.3.18078.21401

First time in Rhino 6 and I am currently facing some performance issues with a fresh windows machine and rhino 6 installation.

When I select a tool, the tool point lags behind the mouse cursor slightly and when I have the boxedit tab visible it takes sometimes before any object get selected. Things only get slightly better when the boxedit tab is not active.

This is my first time on Rhino6 and with default settings.

I have a nvidia gtx 950 with latest nvidia drivers and enabling or disabling gpu tessellation (as it was mentioned in others post) does not make any difference.

Is there anything else I could possibly check in order to improve this?


@StefGyft - thanks - there have been some speed issues located and cleared - BoxEdit should be much faster in SR6, which unfortunately is not the very next SR but it is coming.


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