Sloped Curtainwall Shape issue

Hi, it is pretty complicated that Curtainwall and Window style index in grasshopper. In window style, I can define a custom profile either in Rhino or Grasshopper. But I have to put a wall at first and the window doesn’t allow to incline. Actually, Curtain Wall is a good choice except define a custom shape. I don’t want to explore it then use the command of the boolean union.
Hope your team can develop this issue ASAP. I’ve check this problem had been posted 3yrs ago.

You must be referring to the VisualARQ plugin.

btw, Revit 2021 has sloped walls now.

Thanks - I’ve moved this thread to the VisualARQ category.

Hi @chenyao922 you can lean Curtain walls in VisualARQ as you can see in this post:
But I don’t think that will help you with those tapered pannels.
VisualARQ walls can’t be leaned unless you create them from solids.
However, doors and windows can only be placed vertically, so you will be able to lean them only if you explode them, which will kill their parametric features.