Slider with defined list of values


I wonder if it is possible that a slider only changes in a defined number of values. I’ve already worked with MetaHopper, however, I only manage to adapt the range but not give the exact values to the slider.
For example, I want to have a slider for certain flange thicknesses of a steel profile. The available thicknesses are limited, thus the slider should only vary in between 6mm, 10mm, 13mm,…and so on. Since the list only depends on what is available in terms of steel plates, it does not show any regularities either.
I want to give the values into a toolbox called Design Space Exploration. This toolbox automates the process of sampling, therefore I can’t just change the slider value manually.

Thank you in advance!


There likely is some fancy expression-based solution, but an index-based selection is a simple solution:

2021-04-20 11_16_55-Grasshopper - unnamed (2.6 KB)

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perfect, thank you! That makes sense.

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