Integer Slider - steps of 10

Dear Shapediver Team,

What would be the best way to have sliders ranging from 1000 to 2000 while snapping only to steps of 10 (like 1070, 1080,…)?
In Grasshopper alone, I would create sliders with a range from 100 to 200, applying an expression x*10

Like so:

This expression is not being taken into consideration in Shapediver though, thus leaving me with the original sliders ranging from 100 to 200.

Thanks for your help in advance,

I dont use Shapediver so not sure this way (using series/ step) could work or not, hope you have another idea to try:

Thanks @kts.nguyenhoangloc but the user needs to be able to operate the sliders displaying the correct values. I could have otherwise just used sliders from 100 to 200 and multiplying the values by 10 downstream.

The default ShapeDiver control panel will only reflect the original values of a slider at the moment. It makes sense that they would take into account the expression if it exists, I will add this feature to the list.

In the meantime, you can achieve what you want by creating an external UI using the API, which might be needed for your application anyways. In any case, I’ll update this topic when expressions are supported.

Hi @mathieu1, ok, thanks for the reply. Yes, my project will have an external UI anyway but still, for testing purposes, this feature would come in handy.
An alternative solution would be to interpret the sliders “slider snapping values” as rounding values. The only disadvantage is that one has to provide and maintain a (possibly very extensive) list of snapping values which need to be generated separately.

Just like to express that I too will be looking forward to this feature, as otherwise at the moment I have to ask our developer to individually insert the expressions into each slider for each model. This results in long winded workflow. Thank you for your help in advance!