Slide along curve

Hi all, wondering if an object can be oriented on a curve and then moved along that curve maintaining a perpendicular constraint? Example, a gage on a car dash, suppose you want to slide it along a site view from dash to eye. The gage can stay perpendicular to this sight curve, and move along it. Also move perpendicular to a curve that is not in a straight line. I think iv’e asked this before and apologize for redundence wanted to make sure . One more example may be like moving a bead anlong a rigid , but curves wire. It stays aligned while moving in either direction . Thanks Mark


I would draw a straight line on the C-Plane the same length as the path curve, put the object perpendicular to that straight line, enable history, and then use Flow Along Curve to put the object on the path curve. Now you can drag or nudge the parent object along the base curve and the child object will stay perpendicular to the path curve.

Another Mark

Does OrientOnCrv do what you need? There’s a copy option in the command too which I often use.