Move By Curve Normal

Is there something simialr to OrientOnCrv that just moves an object along a curve? I have an object already positioned on a curve and just want to move/slide it based on the curve’s normals.

I get lost a lot of times with OrientOnCrv, trying two or three different cplanes or even moving the object off the curve and positioning on the cplane to get it to work.

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Hi Eric,

Would that functionality be described by :Sliding an object over a curve?
See if the attached script functions like you want.

SlideOnCurve.rvb(1.5 KB)

Note that it is a little hacky so escaping will leave you with the objects oriented somewhere on the Cplane.
An Undo will get you back where you started.

@Pascal I think such functionality would be good to have as a genuine Rhino Command:MoveAlongCrv

Drag and drop the script over Rhino; it will register the alias “SlideOnCurve” and it references the script file so you need to keep that script file in the folder you drag/dropped it from.


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Hi Willem- you should take the call into the sub out, if I follow what you are doing, or comment it:

Call SlideOnCurve()

otherwise the script will try to run every time Rhino starts.

But. yeah, something like this would be nice, I’ll add it to the pile. Thanks.


@Pascal_G I was just hoping there was a command like this, it would be great to be able to move clipping planes along a curve easily, maybe using the gumball?

Speaking of clipping planes, it would be handy to be able to intersect the clipping plane with objects to get section outlines. Am I just doing it wrong?

Hi Pascal,

The problem was with another script, I accidentally mixed a few lines of your script with mine.
Where you add a startup script and create an alias for the sub,
I just create an alias that loads the script. This to prevent a large list of startup scripts.

However I have no idea what happens behind the scenes when multiple scripts are loaded that contain same-named subs and functions? I guess my thinking was that an alias for Loadscript would isolate all subs and functions in that script file, yet from other experiences I know that is probably not true.


Would this be different than what Section Tools does:

Rhino definitely should have movealongcrv as a default command. Have been wanting this more and more lately.