Slice of ellipsoid from 3D to 2D holding original dimensions

I have a 1/8 of ellipsoid.

I have to “flat” from 3D to 2D.
The problem is that I need flat it without changing the original dimensions. For example the “flatten” command of Autocad in not good because doesn’t save the original measures.

The final result should be something like in this imagine:

Please somebody could help me to understand how to do it?

Thank you very much in advance


what do you mean by changing the original measurements? that it remains proportional correct?
or just squashed down parallel with the exact 2d boundaries? try ProjectToCPlane and click on the view you want to have it “flattened” to. that will give you a parallel projection without changing the boundaries

I would duplicate edges you want or duplicateBorder and use setPts, looks like Z-Axis for you.


Set points

A section of an ellipsoid in “not developable” which means it can not be flattened with stretching and or shrinking.

Rhino for Windows has two commands for flattening non-developable surfaces, Smash and Squish. I don’t know what is currently available in Rhino for Mac.

Smash is the older command and does not have any options for how the surface is flattened.

Squish has options for how the surface is flattened, including attempting to preserve edge lengths.

Again, I don’t know what commands are available in Rhino for Mac.

Both are available, not sure which would work better.


Squish is likely the better bet. Smash will for sure give very incorrect results - see the command line for a report of the area difference from Smash - it will be large.


Yes, it is. thanks. Again, tools I have never used. I can’t hear the sound squish makes today, the water has all turned to ice. :snowflake:


Cold here too, and it’s Seattle!


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It is our first really below freezing day. If you are getting weather like Vancouver is , stay warm and good luck. Winter tires for the bike?


Thank you very much guys!
I’m working with Squish Command. Doing several setting.
I write you when I find the best option.
Thank you again and keep warm!